Financial Tips


July 31, 2019

1.) The bogus parking attendant

You arrive at an event where an attendant points you to a nearby lot. You pull in, pay for your spot and receive a payment stub. But, when the event is over, both the attendant and your car are gone.  

How it went down: A scammer collected your money and ran off. Your car was parked illegally in the lot, and the lot’s real owner had it towed.

The fix: Only entrust your car to a parking lot attendant with an official logo, a real sign and a contact number. If you’re suspicious, do a quick search on the company.

2.) The trick-it ticket

In this scam, you’ll return to your car after an event to find that you’ve been ticketed for illegal parking. You’ll also find a note informing you about a lawyer who can lower the ticket, or about an online site through which you can pay the fee.

How it went down: Sometimes, the ticket on your windshield is authentic. Or, it’s stuck on by scammers. In both scenarios, though, the helpful note about a lawyer or an online platform for paying the ticket is bogus. The “lawyer” is usually a scammer hoping to milk you for some cash and the online site is riddled with malware.

The fix: Avoid tickets by using official parking lots only. Look for real signs instead of just a “Park Here” notice slapped onto a pole.

If you’re ticketed, look for an official police logo or check the authenticity with your local police department. If you need the assistance of a lawyer, contact one on your own. Only pay a ticket online if you’re absolutely sure it’s a police site.

3.) The phony mechanic

In this scam, you’ll return to your car to find that it won’t start. A bystander claiming to be a mechanic will offer their assistance. After extorting you for cash, they’ll “fix” your car.

How it went down: The “mechanic” disabled your car in an easy-to-fix way while you were gone so they can appear to “fix” it.

The fix: If your car suddenly won’t start and a “mechanic” happens to be passing by, refuse their offers for “help.” Call AAA instead.

4) False accidents

You’re backing out of a parking space, careful to make sure the coast is clear, when there’s a sudden bump. You’ve hit a pedestrian who promises to make an insurance claim against you unless you pay them off.

How it went down: The accident “victim” was hiding out of your line of vision and then leaped behind your car as soon as you started driving.

The fix: Look for a closed-circuit camera and ask the lot’s security if you can review the tape. Hopefully, you’ll see the scammer pulling their ruse.

Your Turn: Have you ever been targeted by a parking lot scam? Tell us about it in the comments.



Banking Made Easy

At TFCU, we are committed to offering an extensive range of products and services designed specifically with you in mind! We want to make your banking experience as easy as possible by giving you convenient access to manage your accounts on the go, all while providing you with the latest and greatest banking technology.

In addition to banking products & services, TFCU has several affiliate companies known as Credit Union Service Organizations! These companies allow us to offer Insurance Services, Financial Services & Real Estate Services to our members.

TFCU membership is available to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Bristol County, Massachusetts; Bristol, Kent, Newport and Providence counties in Rhode Island; and the Rhode Island towns of Charlestown, Exeter, Hopkinton, Narragansett, New Shoreham, North Kingstown, Richmond and South Kingstown. Membership is also open to immediate family members of existing members.

  • We’re at @oldcolonyhistory for their annual Liberty & Union Festival! We’re also proud to be one of the events sponsors. 
Stop by and check out our booth for lots of free TFCU swag and stay for all of the activities and events that the Museum has put together. 
Everything will be going until 4pm today! ——————————————————————
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  • In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we are collecting canned goods and non-perishable food items to help support local food pantries & soup kitchens.

All items will be distributed within the communities we serve. 
We are asking for Thanksgiving themed items such as: Boxed/Bag Stuffing, Canned/Packaged Gravy, Canned Vegetables (corn, pleas, carrots, green beans), Soups, Canned Cranberry Sauce, Cake Mix, Cookie/Brownie Mix and frosting. 
Non-Thanksgiving items will also be accepted. 
All donations can be dropped off through November 15th during regular business hours at any of our locations: 14 Church Green in Taunton, 480 Rockdale Avenue in New Bedford & 438 West Grove Street in Middleboro. ——————————————————————
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  • Impulse purchases are unplanned decision to buy a product,service or good.
Impulse purchases could burn a large hole in your pocket at the end of every moth leaving you to wonder where all your money has gone. A little pocket change here and there could really add up!

Here are some tips to help beat impulse purchases!
  • Every Friday when you visit a TFCU branch, you’ll notice our staff dressed down. Our staff dresses down for local organizations and charities through our Dress Down Program!

Staff participate in this program by donating money on a weekly basis in order to dress down. Those funds are then used by our Public Relations Committee to make donations throughout the areas that we serve.

One Friday each month, TFCU's Fund Friday, our staff choose one organization/charity to receive all of the proceeds from that Friday's Dress Down Day. This month, our staff selected Amos House in Providence!

Amos House is a nonprofit social service agency that provides direct support for men, women, and children in Rhode Island who are hungry, homeless and in crisis.

To learn more about Amos House, please visit ——————————————————————
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  • If your credit score isn’t where you want it to be, it might be due to one of these habits. Read on for four good ideas that might actually be hurting your credit score:
  • We’re back participating in the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford until 9:30 tonight! 
Stop by and visit with our staff to play our Toss & Win game and earn some free TFCU Swag!
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